Florentin Coeurdoux

👋Hi, I’m a PhD Student on a quest to mechanize the scientific method by building artificial intelligence systems.

This involves working on Bayesian inference, Deep Learning, Generative models and Optimal Transport with the goal to effectively apply these to domain sciences.


I started my PhD at ANITI (Toulouse INP) within the SC group of the IRIT laboratory on November 2020, under the supervision of Nicolas Dobigeon and Pierre Chainais . Before this, I graduated from ENSAI in applied mathematics and computer science, and from the MBA master program of IGR in financial risk management.

Previously, I worked as a Software/Research Engineer at Credit Mutuel, leveraging machine learning to build better risk management systems. I am currently a member of scientific advisory board for data science at AssessFirst

Research Interests

Deep Generative models

Statiscial Inference

Optimal Transport


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Laboratory life

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